Our Values

It’s not just about food, it’s about community.


Our Core Values

Our Products

We prepare our food simply and honestly, bringing out the best flavors from the ingredients. We are vegan-focused and use fresh local ingredients (whenever possible).


We care about our planet that’s why we use compostable containers, spoons, and napkins. We will continue to lessen our carbon footprint as we grow.


We believe strong communities allow people to interact together, share experiences, and work toward a common goal. Community is important to us!

Giving Back

Job Training
We believe that jobs give hope, opportunity and can transform lives. Koshari Mama’s mission is to create a training and internship program for at-risk youth where they could gain practical experience in the food industry.

Community Connections
Ten years ago, Sahar Ahmed of KoshariMama founded Brio Integrated Theatre, a local Massachusetts non-profit that works with youth with disabilities. Her first idea was to integrate people with all abilities in a creative environment breaking barriers and stereotypes.

She became aware of the general lack of opportunities for people with disabilities in everything – social skills, after school activities and work training. Brio addressed this need by creating an after school internship program where high school students were given the opportunities to discover and implement their most creative ideas using the arts. They also have established a workforce training program that teaches adults with disabilities needed skills to succeed in the workforce.

One of Koshari Mama goals is to donate a percentage of our profits to Brio Integrated Theatre to help support their mission.

585 Somerville Ave., Somerville MA
Call: 617-229-9230