Events at Koshari Mama


Belly Dancing with Sabrina Mijares

From 6-10pm
Enjoy your dinner with our cultural entertainment, Sabrina will be dancing during the evening.

She believes dance is a healing art that can be used to practice artistic expression, spread cultural awareness, and experience empowerment. Her goal is to continue learning on this life long process of becoming a dancer and to inspire and empower women through dance.

Call for dinner reservation: 617-229-9230.

NOVEMBER 12 2022

Mama’s Fun Night:
Disco Night @ Koshari Mama
From 6-10pm
Mama’s Night of Disco music, your server will be wearing Disco outfit, perhaps a little “Staying Alive” dancing. Wear a fun disco outfit and you may win a prize!
Special disco drink and more.
Call for dinner reservation: 617-229-9230.

Mitch Performs Dec 17th

DECEMBER 10 2022

An Evening with Mitch Kaltsunas

From 6-10pm
Mitch will be singing and playing his oud while you dine. He will take you away to an exotic place with his music. He is a favorite performer at Koshari Mama.
Call for dinner reservation: 617-229-9230.

cooking with Chef Sawsan

Vegan Cooking Classes with Chef Sawsan

Chef Sawsan also has cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults at Koshari Mama. She’ll teach you how to cook vegan and gluten-free dishes. Email or call us about upcoming classes and private lessons.

Book your event at our restaurant

Monday through Wednesday are perfect days or nights to book an event. We can also accommodate other days and nights. Contact us for more information.