Our Story: how food brings people together

Celebrating Cultural Cuisine

Our Story

A  mother and daughter team who love to cook.

As an Egyptian family, preparing and sharing of food was the way we celebrated and maintained our culture. From one generation to the next, we pass on family favorite recipes that nurture our souls. There is almost always a story tied to food, and it’s those stories that connect us.

No matter what your cultural background is, food is something to share, to enjoy and to celebrate life.

We want to share with you our delicious vegan dishes inspired by the streets of Egypt.

As we say in Egypt before we eat
“Bel hana Wel Shefa” (With Joy and Health!)

Dina Fahim’s culinary career began early on, inspired by her Egyptian family, their love and respect for quality and tradition. After graduating from Boston University’s Culinary Program, she sought opportunities to further develop her own creativity with internships and jobs with Boston’s top chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs.

After spending many years working at outstanding restaurants, Dina wanted to do more with food. She wanted to follow her passion of cooking, her family roots and use food to give back to the community. Working with her mother, Koshari Mama was the answer,  she had found her culinary voice.


In the News

Our vegetarian Egyptian dish Koshari is causing a buzz around Massachusetts. Find out what they are saying about us from radio, newspapers, web, and TV.

Our History

Koshari Mama was born from a kitchen table discussion about how food connects us to happy memories. We chose to recreate our family recipe of Koshari, a popular and delicious Egyptian street food and share it with others. We are a Lowell based business and prepare all our food at the Community Kitchen at UTEC (United Teen Equity Center).

We decided to test our idea at Mill No. 5 farmers market in Lowell in 2017. Since then we have expanded to over 10 farmers markets: Ashland, Belmont, Cambridge, Haverhill, Jamaica Plain, Lawrence, Lowell, Melrose, Somerville.

We were fortunate to be one of the lucky participants in the 2018 summer program with EforAll in Lowell. EforAll helps entrepreneurs and startups plan, test, launch and accelerate their ventures. On August 28th, Koshari Mama will participate in a pitch contest in Lowell where we will present our company.

585 Somerville Ave., Somerville MA
Call: 617-229-9230